GATE Special Topic Prize of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2007


Colin Wilson and Lee Massey set up GeoUtile (a French Limited company) to develop an idea which they hope will make a ‘real difference’ to others in the world. Both were born in the UK and now live and work in France, and hope to give something back with this venture.

They have both been working in systems for 17 years:

- Colin Wilson in integrating and developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), after gaining a MSc in GIS solutions at Leicester University. Clients include ERDAS, Leica, Vodafone, Bosche Telecom, US Army, Lockheed Martin, UK government

- Lee Massey in global consultancy (PwC), a specialist in programme implementation. More recently focusing on Geographic data based systems utilizing GPS data to streamline everyday business. Clients have included Ministry of Defence (UK), British Airways, British Gas, Lloyds Insurance Syndicates, LYNX Express.

Contact Us

Colin Wilson
+33 (0) 6 63 69 08 92

Lee Massey
+33 (0) 6 89 56 89 78
L.A.R.S (Landmine Archive and Retrieval System)

In October 2007, Winner of the Galileo Masters – Gate Special Topic prize for their proposal.